The first value shows the P1 (Peak 1) 3 745 Hz with a volume 97% above the mean average value. The second value P2 shows 8 684 Hz with a volume 98% above the mean average and the third value shows 15 129 Hz with a sound level of 85% above the mean average. The values ​​are consistent with a coin-type American Silver Eagle 1 oz.

When some value reaches 90% or higher, CoinPing recording will automatically stop and displays the results. This way you can observe what frequencies are significant for the particular coin you just tap.


You can at any time choose to stop the recording to see the results, the accuracy remains. When peak quality is negative. This indicates that the value is below average (the horizontal gray migration) and do not have the quality that makes it significant for the area.

Areas refer to the intervals CoinPing uses to identify three significant peak values. We call them P1 (peak 1), P2 and P3. The three gray-colored bars that you see in frequency spectrumet shows what these ranges are.

The ranges for the three pike values ​​ranging within the following frequence areas:

P1:  2 000 – 6 000 Hz
P2: 6 500 –  12 500 Hz
P3: 13 000 – 20 000 Hz

Inside, the three circles you see what frequency in Hz that have been identified as the strongest in the respective intervals. During each peak frequency, you see how many percent above the average of their location. Over 90 percent is excellent quality. but even 45% is a good value. Please make several measurements to be sure. By the time you recognize Coinpinigs behavior and how ambient white noise affects.

Other coins than those CoinPing recognize can be displayed in frequency spectrumet as extra peaks of any of the three intervals. However, only the strongest sound power/energy will be selected in each interval and its values ​​are presented. You can see that several peakar there but only the strongest presented. This is version one so it is possible that the preference is to also be able to handle this in the future.

Please note the P1, P2, P3 for their own future use. You may also feel free to share with us your own references on P1, P2 and P3 to We may be able to extend the reference library with them in the future.

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