When a coin has been identified by a ping you can view both sides of it by pressing the coin on your display.

CoinPing recognition is a premiere coin analysis tool. By balancing your coin on the tip of a finger and tapping the coin with a plastic pen or a nail you will generate a ping. This procedure is done in a room without as much outside disturbance as possible. Also, be aware that results from pings may vary from one place to the next due to variance in how the ping is performed. In addition, keep in mind that while the coin is on your fingertip it will attract body temperature and get warmer. Conditions are thereby manipulated.

CoinPing performs an exact and unmatched analysis of your coin. However, different temperatures may affect results. Make sure your coin hasn’t been exposed to high or low temperatures prior to the procedure for optimal ping conditions. Peak operating temperatures range from 20 to 23.5 °C (68.0 and 74.3 °F) with an average of 21 °C (70 °F).

For the visual representation of sound across the entire frequency spectrum. CoinPing uses a mathematical method: the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).  A pseudo gaussian peak algorithm is applied in order to make peaks reliable and useful. FFT resolution of 0.67Hz per point yields a high level of accuracy. CoinPing  accumulates a 4 second audio signal to gather a visual sound image and reduce white noice.

This makes CoinPing applicable even in environments with more disturbance than optimal.