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  • CoinPing Is now FREE

    CoinPing v2,1 2015-03-21. Is Now Free to install and use. Enjoy everybody. There’s no catch!

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  • CoinPing identify four coins with ping test

    CoinPing identifying the following coins in this video: • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf 1 oz • American Gold Eagle 1 oz • Krugerrand 1 oz • American Silver Eagle 1 oz

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  • Identify coin on YouTube

    CoinPing helps you identify coin pings on YouTube You need to adjust your YouTube player slightly. The most common audio playback quality is unfortunately reduced in frequencies higher than 16 000 Hz. 16 000 Hz is adequate and videos will be small and easy to share. However, it is not optimal in exact coin ping identifications where […]

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  • CoinPing Release

      CoinPing  v1.00 2014-06-06 The Android app for top level coin analysis and bullion identification Easy to use 1. – Start CoinPing 2. – Tap the coin gently 3. – Find your coin in the reference catalogue Aided by a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) size of 0,67 Hz the analysis of your coin ping will generate […]

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